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Electronics You Should Never Buy Pre-owned

There are few things you might want to buy that are as expensive as electronic devices. It’s a sad fact of life, unfortunately. When you’re looking to buy one, you might be tempted to buy pre-owned just to save yourself the hassle of dealing with pushy store representatives trying to sell you extra items and to save a bit of extra cash, but buying pre-owned electronics can be a double-edged sword. It’s okay to buy a few things used, but there are some electronics that you should make sure not to purchase secondhand to avoid issues with them down the road. Just a side note, here: when we say pre-owned, we don’t mean refurbished. That’s another story. If an electronic has been returned to the manufacturer and refurbished, it’s sold to you in like-new condition and is usually okay. But if you’re buying from a small secondhand retailer or straight from the previous owner, be aware! A smart consumer never […]