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How to Ask Her to Shave without Pissing Her Off

Personal hygiene is a sensitive subject no matter what it’s specifically about, but asking your girlfriend or hookup to change her personal hygiene is even more difficult to do. There seems to be no delicate way to ask a woman to change how she grooms her own body, but sometimes you just have to ask. If you want your girlfriend or hookup partner to change how she grooms her pubic hair, that’s not an easy topic to bring up under any circumstances. Still, sometimes you have your personal preferences and you’d like to see her change how she grooms herself. Asking a woman to shave seems like an impossible task to pull off without winding up with a black eye. However, there are some ways you can go about asking a woman to shave without pissing her off too badly. It does require a certain level of tact and it can be difficult, but it can really be worth it […]