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5 Red Flags When Dating

It’s easy to get caught up in a new romance and just allow ourselves to bask in love’s glow without stopping to really figure out if we should trust our new love. Too often we allow ourselves to be blinded by the constant onslaught of positive qualities our new flame has before we have a chance to see their darker side. It’s only natural really, when you like someone you work harder to show your good side in order to get them to like you. But first impressions aren’t always what they seem and it can take time before a person will reveal their true colors to you. Different situations like traveling or a party may reveal questionable personality traits you hadn’t realized were there. At first, everyone likes to brush off the little things and try to them themselves they can deal with a few oddities for the sake of love. But be careful that you’re not ignoring signs […]

Why it’s Important to Connect With Your Lover Both Physically and Mentally

Upon entering a new relationship, you might think that the best way to be close with your new partner is to be close to them physically. And yes, while sex is a really big and important part of any blossoming relationship, it is not the be-all end-all of things that need to be done in order to keep a relationship healthy and strong. It is also extremely important to be able to connect with your partner on a mental level. Not only because it will allow you the opportunity to know them better, but because it will also make your physical attraction all the more keen. Having both sides of the coin is better than having only one, after all. Touching Sparks Attraction Of course, one of the most important things about remaining physically connected to your partner is that it allows attraction to grow and blossom between the two of you. Just touching someone can spark a lot of […]

How to Ask Her to Shave without Pissing Her Off

Personal hygiene is a sensitive subject no matter what it’s specifically about, but asking your girlfriend or hookup to change her personal hygiene is even more difficult to do. There seems to be no delicate way to ask a woman to change how she grooms her own body, but sometimes you just have to ask. If you want your girlfriend or hookup partner to change how she grooms her pubic hair, that’s not an easy topic to bring up under any circumstances. Still, sometimes you have your personal preferences and you’d like to see her change how she grooms herself. Asking a woman to shave seems like an impossible task to pull off without winding up with a black eye. However, there are some ways you can go about asking a woman to shave without pissing her off too badly. It does require a certain level of tact and it can be difficult, but it can really be worth it […]

Travelling with Your Partner the Right Way

Traveling with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be hard. Not everyone likes to travel first off, but even if you do it can be tough to do so with someone you know so well. Because of that level of comfort you end up feeling like it’s okay to bicker with them or take your anger out on them when something goes wrong, which it always does. This isn’t the case, and it can often lead to couples arguing after the trip or even breaking up. That isn’t something that you want, so try these tips to travel with your partner the right way and make sure that no one’s feelings get hurt. Start Small When travelling together for the first time or when you don’t do it very often, start with something small. Think of this as a test run for all of the vacations that you take in the future. A few hours’ drive or plane ride will give […]