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Exercise on a Budget

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing people’s weight loss stories and finding out that there’s an expensive diet or fitness plan behind it. Not everyone can afford all these fancy weight-loss gimmicks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight anyway. Getting creative with things can be just as effective as any plan you could pay for, you just need to dedicate yourself to it. Make your own weight-loss plan, and use these easy tricks to work out on a budget. Get Outside When the weather is nice, there’s no better place to exercise than your own back yard! If you don’t have a back yard, don’t sweat it. Every area has parks around where you can spend time and work out for free. Even if it’s just getting up early and talking a walk, or working in some lunges while you go, any bit of exercise is worth it. Not to mention, the outside air can really help improve […]

Why Getting Vaccinated Is More Important than Ever

To put it plainly, not getting vaccinated in this day and age is pretty dumb. You may have heard in the news lately about how measles is now prevalent again due to an amusement park outbreak. Some of these people were indeed vaccinated and contracted a new strain but others were flat out unvaccinated. If your parents decided you shouldn’t be when you were a child then it’s time to stop doing what mom and dad want and go get your shots up to date. There’s no reason for a grown person to be unvaccinated anymore. Because of a string of lax or misinformed parents it seems like diseases and sicknesses that can be easily preventable are making a resurgence and they don’t have to as long as you keep your head above the water and vaccinate yourself and any children you may have. If you don’t see the big deal then your eyes definitely need to be opened. A […]

The Raw Foods Diet Explained

You’ve heard about raw foods. A lot of people consider it to be the next step in veganism. First you cut out meat, then diary and other animal products like eggs, and then you cut out the cooking process. The Raw Foods Diet is not just about restrictions, however. Advocators of this diet claim that humans function better the more naturally they live. The Raw Foods Diet shares some opinions with diets like Paleo (except that encourages eating meat, which Raw Foods is strictly against) and is in line with the parts of our culture who aren’t sure about the genetic modification of our food and the incorporation of less than natural substances in it. Cooking Foods Changes Their Chemical Composition The premise of the Raw Foods Diet is pretty basic. Food is best eaten in its natural state, and as soon after it was harvested as possible. Cooking changes the chemical composition of food. Heating it drains away some […]