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Items Your Employee Break Room Has to Have

Setting up an office from scratch is no easy task, but it can be a fun one if you approach it the right way. Think of your job this way: you’re trying to set things up in a way that allows your employees to feel comfortable and be the most productive they can be. Once you’ve finished off setting up your main office floor, you’re probably going to want to consider putting in some creature comforts for your employees. One area that you definitely need to turn your attention to right away is the employee break room. It’s a vital part of your office, and you can’t neglect it. Everyone needs a break during the day. No one wants to sit at their desk throughout the entire work day and simply plug away at their tasks. You’ve got to step away to clear your mind and refocus on the tasks at hand. The break room is the best place to […]

Are Your Company Policies Outdated

Like everything else, company polices should change. When your company policies are too strict or stuffy, it makes it difficult to find good people who are willing to a great job for your company. Outdated company policies will make your employees feel like they are living in the past. If the policies are too strict, they may even begin trying to find a new place to work where some of the policies are a lot less strict. When you want to keep your employees, as well as add new ones, you are going to have to be willing to go over your company polices, and then decide whether or not they are too outdated. Are You Putting Too Much Attention on Physical Appearance? Conservative workplace company policies can often be a downfall to any decent company. If your company is too focused on things like hair color, piercings, and tattoos, you may be excluded exceptional people who can bring all […]

4 Tactics for Hiring the Right Candidate

Hiring the right candidate for a job can sometimes seem like wandering through a dense forest with a blindfold over your face when you have too many applicants. After a while, they all start to seem the same if you do lots of interviews in one day, which is an inefficient use of your time. You might like a candidate’s ideas, but they lack qualifications. The opposite could also happen, where the qualifications are a perfect match for the job, but the candidates seems to lack creativity. Whatever the situation is, it can make the hiring process easier to keep four basic tactics in mind for finding the right person for the job. List the Position on the Right Job Sites Start out with a good crop of people and list the position on the right websites. If you’re in a narrow field, definitely identify the job listing sites that focus on the profession and see what kind of response […]