Why eBooks Are Better Than Physical Books

One of the most common debates held nowadays is the one over whether physical books or ebooks are the better kind of book to have. With the onset of ebooks, it has become more and more common to see someone with a Kindle or a tablet of some kind reading rather than someone holding a solid book in their hands. A large number of people claim that old, regular books are the better way to go because there is so much more to be held there, but that is not necessarily the case. There are plenty of reasons for why ebooks are the better option and in the end it really all depends on your own personal preferences. But either way, here are a few reasons for why ebooks are better than physical books.

Way Cheaper

You Get More For Your Money With Ebooks
You Get More For Your Money With Ebooks
First and foremost is the fact that ebooks cost a fraction of the price of regular books. While you will pay three or four dollars for a lengthy ebook, you could find yourself paying at least eight dollars and upwards of fifteen in order to buy the exact same book in paperback or hardcover. If you are the sort of person who likes to have a lot of books and you are constantly reading something new, it can get really pricey really quickly when you are buying physical copies of books regularly. That is why ebooks are so much better, because you can get more for your money.

One Thing to Carry Around

For someone who likes to have a few books handy at any given time, carrying around a tablet or Kindle with their entire library at hand is so much easier than trying to carry as many physical books as they can. Not only is that bad for your back, having all of that weight to carry around, but it is just plain annoying. However, with ebooks, you can have hundreds upon hundreds of books available at your fingertips no matter where you go, and all you have to do is carry around one very small, very light piece of equipment to do just that. That is a huge plus in the column for ebooks.

Impossible to Damage

ereaderProbably the best thing about ebooks is that they are literally impossible to damage. Yes, you could lose your tablet or accidentally smash it on the ground, but your ebooks will still be safely stored online, waiting for you to get your hands on some other way to access them, even if it is not another tablet. Comparing that to physical books, you are not only paying less initially for your books, but you are never going to have to purchase those books again in case of water damage or a friend who is too harsh to books. Your books will always be safe and sound and completely simple to access from anywhere that you happen to be.

Everyone Can Publish

One of the amazing things about ebooks is the fact that literally anyone can publish one as long as they have an account with a direct publishing platform, like Kindle. That means that while you can still get all of the bestsellers that are available in both physical and ebook copies, you will also have the opportunity to purchase books written by up and coming authors who are just looking to get their written word out to the world. You will be supporting budding novelists and finding all sorts of new stories that you would never be able to get your hands on otherwise, making ebooks the best kind of book simply by default.