Save Cash By Swapping Out Something Simple

For some people, saving money becomes something their life revolves around. In the recovering economy, it can be hard to find corners to cut, especially if you’ve not done it much before! So if your finances start getting a little tight, or you notice that month by month, you have less and less left over, try a few simple money-saving replacements. At first you might forget some of them, or it might be a bit of a switch, but once you make them a habit they should save you money without being a huge inconvenience!

Swap out the TV

streamingTV is a pretty big part of a lot of lives, and the suggestion of swapping it out might be making you gasp, but instead of paying for cable TV, having to buy an expensive FreeSat box, or splashing out the cash for a yearly TV silence, consider doing away with the traditional television model from the 20th century, and upgrade a little. Consider a streaming service like Netflix, on-demand websites, and things like box sets. Not only do you get to cut back on your bills, you also get to choose what to watch, when to watch it, get to pause at your leisure, and the best thing of all – no more adverts. And that doesn’t even mean you have to give up a nice, big flat-screen in the living room. Modern technology makes it easy to hook up your laptop to the TV via HDMI cables, and there’s a huge amount of articles out there on how-to-do it.

If you’re more of a visual learner, there’s also videos out there (that will specify how to do it even with Chromebooks, if you have one) that are usually short and simple to follow. It’s worth giving a shot if you’re paying through the nose for cable TV or pay-per-view, when on-demand services are normally under £10 a month and even have attractive deals for new customers. If you’re lamenting catching the finale live of a big show, there’s always alternatives for that – why not suggest a viewing party at a friend’s house? Once you start bringing up home-cooked food or delicious pizzas, interest should surge from everyone involved!

Your other option, if you prefer curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate for a winter finale or a Christmas special, is to double-check on the channel website if they offer any kind of live-streaming service. Some channels will allow it for free where others charge, but it can’t hurt to look.

Stop buying lunches

Save With Pre-packaged Sandwiches & Pasta-pots
Save With Pre-packaged Sandwiches & Pasta-pots
On the topic of buying in pizzas, there’s a lot of other things people buy in. Most primarily, lunches. It’s easy to nip off the bus at a supermarket and pick up pre-packaged sandwiches, pasta-pots you can microwave in minutes, or salad bowls. And whilst they’re good for your time, your wallet is probably suffering for it. Most supermarkets on easy bus routes or city centres tend to be more expensive, so when you’re paying out a few pound a day just for the salad, it adds up. It seems even more shocking when you look at how much you could save by buying your ingredients.

For the no-cooking salad enthusiasts, things like lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, tomatoes and other salad fillings are often as little as under a pound, with a nice dressing on sale only costing you a fraction of the price – and you get far more than the tiny packet inside a pre-packaged salad. With plenty for a few lunches, and a side-salad during dinner, it should help you get more greens and save you some cash. Go Here for some easy salad recipes.

Even for those who prefer hot meals and pasta pots, throwing together some pasta will only cost you a few pound – after the initial investment of some freezable and microwavable tubs (which most pound shops carry for just, logically, a pound), all you need is some pasta and some sauce, and you can throw it together in the microwave if you’re that short on time. Make a fairly size-able batch and you have a delicious base for plenty of lunches. To give it a bit of variety, you can fry up some more of whatever vegetables or meats you have for dinner in the evening, and add it to your lunch. Simply, quick, filling, and best of all, you know exactly what’s in there. This extends just as much to pasta-bakes, for a slightly different flavour and texture to keep you from getting bored. Some pasta and the jar of sauce, then a while in the oven, and you have a reheatable lunch for days!