Are Your Company Policies Outdated

Like everything else, company polices should change. When your company policies are too strict or stuffy, it makes it difficult to find good people who are willing to a great job for your company. Outdated company policies will make your employees feel like they are living in the past. If the policies are too strict, they may even begin trying to find a new place to work where some of the policies are a lot less strict. When you want to keep your employees, as well as add new ones, you are going to have to be willing to go over your company polices, and then decide whether or not they are too outdated.

Are You Putting Too Much Attention on Physical Appearance?

Conservative workplace company policies can often be a downfall to any decent company. If your company is too focused on things like hair color, piercings, and tattoos, you may be excluded exceptional people who can bring all types of new ideas into your company. It may have been taboo in the past, but tattoos, piercings, and wild hair colors are starting to become more and more typical. The world is changing, and younger people have the desire to be more creative with their appearance. Deeming them unfit to work at your company just because of how they look may not be the path that you want to take.

Believe it or not, but there are extremely talented businessmen and businesswomen out there who are covered in tattoos. While these people may not look like business people in the traditional sense, they are capable of helping companies earn millions of dollars each year. Not only that, but it is starting to become impossible to see someone who doesn’t have at least one or two tattoos ore piercings. Eventually, it is going to become impossible to hire someone who doesn’t have some type of body modification. Just because they’ve modified their bodies doesn’t mean they don’t know how to make money. Make sure to hear a candidate out before you decide that they aren’t worth your time. What you discover may actually surprise you.

Are You Working Against the Customer?

Are You Working Against the Customer?
Are You Working Against the Customer?
Many times, you may not even realize that your company polices are actually working against your customer. Having stifling company polices that only offer things like store credit instead of refunds can cause your company to lose business. Many times customers return items because they don’t need them, but they do need the money that they’re worth. If your customer needed that $150 they spent on an item from your company to pay a bill, and you only offered them a store credit, they would not only be furious, the would end any future business with you altogether.

When you are making company policies, you always have to keep the customer in mind. Without the customer, you have no possible chance of keeping your company business. You don’t have to agree that the customer is always right, but you do have to show a willingness to understand where the customer is coming from. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes when you are creating your policies. If the policy you come up with is something that you would hate to have to deal with yourself, then it probably isn’t something that you should add to your company policy and procedures. You don’t have to be a pushover, but you do have to be fair. If you aren’t, you will end up losing business quicker than you would have ever thought possible.

relaxed_workplaceCompany policies should be reviewed often. They should change just as society changes. You don’t want to be the only company that doesn’t allow people with pink hair to work there. When your company seems to be controlled by these types of outdated policies, it gives people the idea that your company is boring and too conservative. If people think your company is too conversation, they may not want to work for you. If this happens then people will flock to work at companies that you consider competition, and you won’t know just how talented and skillful they are until they’re up against you.