Travelling with Your Partner the Right Way

Traveling with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be hard. Not everyone likes to travel first off, but even if you do it can be tough to do so with someone you know so well. Because of that level of comfort you end up feeling like it’s okay to bicker with them or take your anger out on them when something goes wrong, which it always does. This isn’t the case, and it can often lead to couples arguing after the trip or even breaking up. That isn’t something that you want, so try these tips to travel with your partner the right way and make sure that no one’s feelings get hurt.

Start Small

Start with something small, Think of this as a test run
Start with something small, think of this as a test run…
When travelling together for the first time or when you don’t do it very often, start with something small. Think of this as a test run for all of the vacations that you take in the future. A few hours’ drive or plane ride will give you more than enough time to spend together, but also not so much that you end up arguing.

Plan Everything Together

You don’t have to do it for every single step of the way, but for whatever parts of it that you can, plan your travel together. Look at the plane tickets with your partner and ask them about the various details. You’ll end up working together as a team, which is nice because then you can tackle it as a team. Keep in mind too that if you both have a hand in planning it then you’ll both know what you’re supposed to be doing at the time. Fault isn’t left up to one person if something goes wrong, either. You can take equal blame and avoid a yelling match.

Take Into Account Everyone’s Interest

Traveling with your new partnerAfter you’ve picked where you’re going to go, let each of you have some control over what you see depending on what each one of you is interested in. It could be that one of you likes the sites more, so let them pick that. The other person can really dig into the restaurants that their foodie self will love. If that’s too cut-and-dry for the two of you, take turns planning days. Alternate each day and let the person planning decide everything for that day. Then you can both be foodies and tourists equally.

For those of you that don’t want to plan that way, a great alternative is to plan separately and then come together to compare and contrast. You’ll find that most of the time you’ll have similar plans and can decide together on the ones that are different. This takes away the opportunities for fighting better than the other does, so if one of you is a hot-head then this might be your best option.

Money Talks

Money is one of the biggest issues that couples face. Before you go anywhere, talk to each other honestly about what you can afford. You might only be able to go to a place and then eat like poor people, but at least you’d get the experience. But if one of you isn’t down for that then you’ll have to compromise on a way to make sure that you have more money before you go. Figure it out together so that you don’t end up yelling later.