The Raw Foods Diet Explained

You’ve heard about raw foods. A lot of people consider it to be the next step in veganism. First you cut out meat, then diary and other animal products like eggs, and then you cut out the cooking process. The Raw Foods Diet is not just about restrictions, however. Advocators of this diet claim that humans function better the more naturally they live. The Raw Foods Diet shares some opinions with diets like Paleo (except that encourages eating meat, which Raw Foods is strictly against) and is in line with the parts of our culture who aren’t sure about the genetic modification of our food and the incorporation of less than natural substances in it.

Cooking Foods Changes Their Chemical Composition

Cooking changes the chemical composition of food & drains nutrients
Cooking changes the chemical composition of food & drains nutrients
The premise of the Raw Foods Diet is pretty basic. Food is best eaten in its natural state, and as soon after it was harvested as possible. Cooking changes the chemical composition of food. Heating it drains away some of the nutrients and changes the matter of the food so that it is harder on the human digestive tract than it has to be. Raw Foods also advocates for sustainable, local farms and produce that’s eaten very soon after it’s been picked. Being separated from the plant also changes the chemical composition of the food, which this diet is strictly against.

Obviously, this sort of diet is closely aligned with personal values. Eating raw foods from local producers is not only a health choice according to this diet, but a moral one.

Eat Pounds of Food and Never Feel Hungry Again

Even people who are already vegan can feel some resistance against giving this up as well. Giving up cooking can feel to some to be the very last thing that they have to give up. Obviously, there has to be a draw to counterbalance giving up cooking. One part of the diet that is widely promoted and embraced is the idea that on this diet you will never be hungry again. The diet allows for you to eat literally pounds of food every day, from tender leafy greens to oranges and apples. In fact, some of the diets start out people eating over five pounds of food every day and then taper off so that they can find how much they really need to fuel their bodies properly. This is a huge boon for people whose main complaints about watching their caloric intakes is that their bodies wanted to have a lot of mass to eat. Even though you’re eating a lot on the raw foods diet, it’s all packed with nutrient dense foods that are low in calories. Just about the most calorie heavy thing you could find in this diet would be an avocado.

The other big thing about this is people wondering what exactly counts as cooking. Some will be relieved to know that just because it’s against cooking doesn’t mean that you have to eat the same thing over and over. Many Raw Food advocates consider dehydrated food to still be raw. This is good news for people who aren’t about to give up their banana chips. Also, there’s nothing to stop you on this diet from chopping up a few nuts in with your salad, or drizzling a vinaigrette over the top. If you’re a fan of salads anyway you might not even notice that your diet has changed that much.

Low Prep and Low Cost

A raw diet can save you money
A raw diet can save you money
The perks of this diet is that it has very little prep time and also has lower costs. Fresh fruits and vegetables vary by location and season, but if someone on the Raw Foods Diet is dedicated they can feed themselves well on whatever vegetables are on sale. They require only a few staples of foods to maintain their nutritional balance, and from there they can customize their diet to what is cost effective. They can also join various communal gardening projects to make sure that they receive farm fresh produce at a low cost. Even a window box can become a place to grow a pot of tomatoes, and any backyard can be turned into a small garden to supplement their food budget. Click here for some raw diet ideas.

In addition, if time is of the essence then a Raw Foods Diet might be perfect for you. It doesn’t take very long to prepare these meals, since the most you’ll have to do is wash and cut the fruits and vegetables. They’re easy to pack and don’t require reheating, making them perfect to eat anywhere.